4 Lessons from a Truly Terrible Cross Country Runner

I always loved my father’s stories about his glory days as a runner. He was tall and lanky, an ideal build for a distance runner. He ran in high school, and he was later recruited as a runner in college. That scholarship was his path to an engineering degree at a good school. He used to love to tell stories about his races. His favorite races were the ones he nearly lost, when he came from behind and sprinted past the leader for the win. For my Dad it was always the joy of the contest.I was just the worst runner. Just terrible. 

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The Great Map Adventure:

When Kids Don’t Feel Capable

The weather was nice and the kids were being annoying.

They had been playing in the house so nicely all morning. But now they were following me around whining about being bored.  All three of us knew this was really a ploy to see if they could get extra screen time. It never ceases to amaze me how hard they try for this, even though it never works. 

The Great Map Adventure

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When Natural Consequences Don’t Work: The VLOG

This morning I watched a great free webinar about how to use natural consequences. I saw the testimonials; amazing stories like the woman whose three year old is just buckling themselves in and is delighted to do it now!

When Natural Consequences Don’t Work

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The Opposite of Criticism: The VLOG

What is the opposite of criticism? Is it praise? I doubt this. Praise is about building someone up and can be superficial. Criticism is about identifying problems that need fixing, at least in the eye of the beholder.

The Opposite of Criticism

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Doing the Wrong Thing… to Get Our Parenting Right.

What defines a good parent? How do I know if I’m doing a good job as a parent? Here’s a little secret: a lot of the time you don’t. But over the years in pediatric practice I have become convinced that a good parent is a parent who is engaged with their child as a loving leader. Sometimes leaders decide which rules to follow, and which rules to break.

Doing the Wrong Thing to Get Our Parenting Right

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