The TEDx that lifts the burden of parenting anxiety.

This is the MUST-SEE talk! Here I share why we are so stressed as parents and the 3-Step Method that changes everything…for us and our kids.

Dr. Alison’s VLOG.

How much time should you spend with your child? Are you convinced it should be more?
How do I limit my child’s screen time?
“How can I stay close to my daughter,” he asked. “She wants nothing to do with me when I get home.”
Have you ever said to yourself, “I feel like I’m screwing up my kids?”
How do you stop helicopter parenting? Take the shoulds that drive your worry and turn them into tools.
This time, I broke the rules to do what was the right thing for my kid in that moment. I was doing the wrong thing for the right reason, and here’s my parenting hack.
Your child gets up at 0430! What are you going to do?
After watching a really excellent parenting video, I found I just couldn’t do it. This is what I did instead.
Thoughts on working as a team with your co-parent or your child’s other caregivers…and what I’m like before my morning coffee.
What is the Opposite of Criticism? Maybe it’s Compassion.

Podcasts featuring Dr. Alison!

Dr. Donnica Moore and Dr. Alison Escalante talk about making a dent in the anxiety epidemic!
Dr. Alison talks with Nathan Eckel on BeTheTalk about being a parent in the ShouldStorm.

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Must See TED Talk: The Parenting "ShouldStorm"