My TEDx talk.

The MUST-SEE talk! Here I share why we are so stressed as parents and the 3-Step Method that changes everything…for us and our kids.

Wondering if it’s worth ordering my new book, Sigh, See, Start? This 15 minute TEDx talk is a great preview of the book.

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How do I limit my child’s screen time?
“How can I stay close to my daughter,” he asked. “She wants nothing to do with me when I get home.”

Interviews with Dr. Alison!

Dr. Donnica Moore and Dr. Alison Escalante talk about making a dent in the anxiety epidemic!
So much laughter, as Dr. Alison Escalante talks with Karen Mangiardi about the pressure on women.

Disclaimer: I may be a doctor, but I’m not your doctor. Videos are for general education and do not constitute medical advice and cannot replace the rich care you can get in the context of a therapeutic relationship with your doctor. If I am your doctor, remember I can’t do the doctoring part of our relationship in the virtual space. Call my office when you need me and we’ll do a visit.

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