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Welcome. I’m Alison Escalante MD and I am a Pediatrician, TEDx Speaker and Writer on a mission! Effective action under pressure: that’s the theme of all my work. We live in a culture of criticism and anxiety the drains our joy and tells us all the things we should be doing. It’s a ShouldStorm! But, I have developed a clear 3-step method to help us as parents and as leaders. Parents can raise kids skillfully AND enjoy doing it!

Alison Escalante MD is a pediatrician who wants to help parents out of the ShouldStorm. Worried parents raise worried kids and we can do something about that!

Do you feel like no matter how much you do, you can’t get it right? Like you’re always doing it wrong? Like there is so much you are supposed to know and do as a parent, and that it all matters so much? That’s the ShouldStorm. Let’s explore a totally different approach to parenting that I’ve worked on for more than a decade. These skills help leaders of all kinds.

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I have spent spent my life wondering “What makes us human? What makes us happy?” My undergraduate work at Princeton University in Medieval and Renaissance History (with a focus in cultural interpretation) taught me that IDEAS change history. After medical school at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson, I did my residency in Pediatrics at Duke and University of Chicago. I saw the toughest sorts of medical cases and emotional suffering.

Wow Doc, you were talking about me. That was exactly what I needed to hear.

A Father at Dr. Alison’s TEDx Talk

16 years of pediatric experience helping families with their physical and mental health has taught me that something is really wrong. We live in a culture of constant criticism that makes us anxious people. Anxious parents produce anxious kids, and that anxiety is at epidemic levels. In the latest research by the APA, 91% of Gen Z kids said they felt physical or emotional symptoms, such as depression or anxiety, associated with stress. Nevermind that preoccupied parents at work are less productive workers.

“This has got to stop!” I thought. How do you help a child with anxiety? You start with the parent-child relationship, and I came up with a game-changer. Now I want to share the hope that we CAN step out of the anxiety epidemic and enjoy our lives. I have been amazed and grateful at the ways my own children have grown in confidence after I started using my own 3 Steps and losing my should.

Watching your TEDx has changed the way I interact with parents in my office forever.

Dr. Bradley Block, ENT surgeon.

So how can I be a better parent? What are the best parenting skills? That’s what we’ll explore together.

A practicing pediatrician in Naperville, IL, I think parents need freedom from all the criticism to make their own decisions with their kids. It’s time to try Should-Free Parenting (click here for your free eBook). That doesn’t mean lazy parenting; it means a new joyfulness as parents connect with their kids.

I write a column for Psychology Today called Shouldstorm: How Parents can Find Their Power in a World that Won’t Stop Pushing. My recent TEDx talk The Parenting “ShouldStorm” can be viewed on YouTube.

Scary Mommy

Intrigued parents laughed and cried, when they read “What Your Pediatrician Really Wants You to Know“. Scary Mommy even republished it with a new title: “I’m A Pediatrician, And This Is What I Want To Tell Parents (But Don’t).”

I work with teachers and special education teams to teach them how to use the 3 steps in their classrooms to help students who are struggling.

The Facebook group, Should-Free Parenting, is a fun place where a group of parents and people who love parents are exploring together what should-free parenting might be.

You are what you child needs. It’s you.

Alison Escalante MD

Want to here me speak? I’ve posted my upcoming speaking appearances and podcasts, as well and already available podcasts and guest blogs on blogs on the Appearances page.

Disclaimer: I may be a doctor, but I’m not your doctor. Videos, Blogs, Webinars and Handouts are for general education and do not constitute medical advice and cannot replace the rich care you can get in the context of a therapeutic relationship with your doctor. If I am your doctor, remember I can’t do the doctoring part of our relationship in the virtual space. Call my office when you need me and we’ll do a visit. My posts represent my ideas and mine alone. Feel free to comment on the blogs, share what you’d like to me talk about next, or join the discussion on facebook.

Should-Free Parenting. A facebook group for parents who are done shoulding all over themselves. #parenting #happykids #parentinghacks #motherhood
Should-Free Parenting. A facebook group for parents who are done shoulding all over themselves. #parenting #happykids
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