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Welcome. I’m Alison Escalante MD and I am a Mom, a Pediatrician, a TEDx Speaker, a Writer, and author of the book Sigh, See, Start: How to Be the Parent Your Child Needs in a World That Won’t Stop Pushing—A Science-Based Method in Three Simple Steps. On sale Feb 20, 2024: order now!

We live in a culture of criticism and anxiety the drains our joy and drives us crazy with it’s opinions about what we should or should not be doing. It’s in our schools and our professional lives, but nowhere is it more toxic than in parenting culture. I call it the ShouldStorm.

That’s why I have developed a clear 3-step method to help. I want us to Sigh, See, and Start on our way out of the toxic parenting culture so we can raise our kids mindfully. Parents can raise kids skillfully AND enjoy doing it!

As a Forbes Contributor I write about parenting, pediatrics and neurodiversity. (Mobile users, you can find my articles for Forbes at the bottom of the page.) For Psychology Today I write about our lives in the culture of criticism I call the ShouldStorm.

Two decades of pediatric experience helping families with their physical and mental health has taught me that something is really wrong. We live in a culture of constant criticism that makes us anxious people, and that anxiety is at epidemic levels. Now, in the latest research by the APA, 91% of Gen Z kids said they felt physical or emotional symptoms, such as depression or anxiety, associated with stress.

“This has got to stop!” I thought. How do you help a child with anxiety? You start with the parent-child relationship, and I came up with a game-changer called Sigh, See, Start. Now I want to share the hope that we CAN step out of the anxiety epidemic and enjoy our lives.

I think parents need freedom from all the criticism to make their own decisions with their kids. It’s time to try Should-Free Parenting (click here to order Sigh, See, Start.). That doesn’t mean lazy parenting; it means a new joyfulness as parents connect with their kids.

Alison Escalante MD at TEDx

You are what you child needs. It’s you.

Alison Escalante MD, TEDx Naperville

So how can I be a better parent? What are the best parenting skills? That’s what we’ll explore together.

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Want to hear me speak? First, I’ve posted my upcoming events on the Appearances page. Second, that’s also where you’ll find podcasts where I’ve been a guest, and other guest blogs I’ve written.

Dr. Alison Escalante’s Bio:

Dr. Alison Escalante is a board-certified pediatrician and an Adjunct in Pediatrics at Rush University. She is a Forbes Contributor, a writer at Psychology Today, and a TEDx speaker.

Her undergraduate degree was in History from Princeton University, where she studied Ideological and Cultural History. She obtained her M.D. from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers University. Her pediatric residency training was at Duke University and the University of Chicago. She is a former Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. 

She lives in Illinois with her husband, two rambunctious sons, a cat, one dog and one Great Dane.

Disclaimer: Videos, Blogs, Webinars, and Handouts are for general education and do not constitute medical advice, and cannot replace the rich care you can get in the context of a therapeutic relationship with your doctor. My posts represent my ideas and mine alone. Feel free to comment on the blogs, share what you’d like to me talk about next, or join the discussion on Facebook.

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